what it is

GameScry is a game catalog aimed at casual browsers and people who do not know what they're looking for.

It is mainly for PC / browser / mobile games, but console games can be posted too.

how it works

Anyone can submit a game. Games are unique by name, case-insensitive. To edit a game after it's posted you must be either:

If a game creator finds that someone else is listing info about their game incorrectly, or there is a disputed game name, they can request to authenticate as the game owner instead, and the game will be flagged for review.


Get 5 orbs when you sign up. Get 3 orbs for registering a game, and get 1 orb when someone upvotes a review that you leave.

You can use up to 3 orbs upvoting a game.

GSGP: Game Scry Game Protocol - sync live data from your game

GSGP is a way for games to report live or dynamic information back to Game Scry.


Create an endpoint that provides the following (optional) fields in a JSON response:

GameScry will automatically begin pinging it for updates when you enter it, approx every 30 min.

	name: [name of your game - optional, just for reference],
	active_players: [number],
	leaderboards: {
		[board label]: {
			[player name / id]: [player score],
		[board label]: {


Feel free to: contact the dev!

{"PUBLIC_ROOT":"","MSSP_MIN_INTERVAL":60,"GSGP_MIN_INTERVAL":100,"DESC_LENGTH":1000,"FILE_LIMIT":2000000,"GIF_LIMIT":5000000,"NAME_LIMIT":100,"REVIEW_MAX":1000,"REVIEW_TITLE_MAX":100,"CURRENCY":"orb","stages":{"concept":"Just planning; no development in progress","prototype":"Development has begun, but everything is in flux","alpha":"The core game is playable but major features remain in flux","beta":"The game design goals have been achieved and it is now a matter of quality control and bug fixing","released":"The game is alive; it cannot be taken back, it must now find it's own way in the world"},"META_CATEGORIES":{"game":{"types":["genre","setting","mechanics","art style","language"],"color":[0.5,0,1]},"team":{"types":["payment","stage of development","team size","team_size","looking for","compensation"],"color":[0.1,0.7,0.2]},"tech":{"types":["platform","engine","coded in","MUD engine"],"color":[1,0,0]},"default":{"types":["misc"],"color":[0.7,0.6,0.5]}},"META_CATEGORIES_USER":{"looking_for_work":{"types":["looking for work","compensation desired"],"color":[0.1,0.8,0.9]},"offering":{"types":["offering work","compensation offered"],"color":[0.1,1,0.2]},"tech":{"types":["code frameworks","software frameworks","tools","languages"],"color":[1,0,0]},"default":{"types":["misc"],"color":[0.7,0.6,0.5]}},"CATEGORIES":{"genre":"The gameplay style / mechanics that define the game","setting":"The narrative backdrop or theme for the game","mechanics":"Various mechanics found in the game","art style":"The general art style of the game","engine":"What engine used in development, if any","payment":"What type of payment required or allowed from players","stage of development":"What stage of development - all stages welcome, even ideas!","compensation":"Types of compensation for games that are actively recruiting help","looking for":"For games / ideas in development - what type of help desired. (\"players\" is assumed)","langauge":"Spoken language(s) supported in the game"},"FORUM":{"SUBJECT_MAX":20,"CONTENT_MAX":1000}}