what it is

GameScry is a game catalog aimed at casual browsers and people who do not know what they're looking for.

It is mainly for PC / browser / mobile games, but console games can be posted too.

how it works

Anyone can submit a game. Games are unique by name, case-insensitive. To edit a game after it's posted you must be either:

If a game creator finds that someone else is listing info about their game incorrectly, or there is a disputed game name, they can request to authenticate as the game owner instead, and the game will be flagged for review.

Scrying orbs

Get 5 orbs when you sign up. Get 3 orbs for registering a game, and get 1 orb when someone upvotes a review that you leave.

You can use up to 3 orbs upvoting a game.


More searches: "published / un-published" - any more feel free to reach out with:


Feel free to: contact the dev!